Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Schedules for 2021-22

-Go to Portal and look for SCHEDULE

        Block 1= 1-2

        Block 2= 3-4

        Block 3= 5-6

        Block 4= 7-8

Note: Marking Periods are MP 1234

**6th is on a 15 day cycle for Exploratory/specials

***7th and 8th are on a 30 day cycle for Exploratory

🚌Bus Pass 🚍with information is under TRANSPORTATION

Here are some templates that might be helpful to put your students schedule in. 

6th Grade Regular Schedule

6th Grade 1 Session Day

7th and 8th 1 Session Day Schedule

7th & 8th Regular Schedule

1 Session Days: Note the Block changes!!! Pick your lunch time that is on your schedule.